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"Wisdom" From The Clueless Ghetto Blogger

Babble interviewed me a while back as part of their "Wisdom From Mom Bloggers" series in which they chat with their Top 50 Mom Bloggers.

I dunno how much wisdom I impart. I've always considered myself kind of a ghetto blogger. I mean, look at this blog! It ain't exactly tricked out as I don't really know what the hell I'm doing most of the time. One thing I do know: the damn interview was, like, three days after I gave birth. And I didn't match my shirt to those candles on purpose, I swear!

ANYWAY. At the end of the video I do impart a secret about the comments section of this here blog in response to the question "How do I deal with backlash on my blog".

So wander on over and take a gander. The video isn't just me. It includes advice from some bloggers who actually know what they're doing including Dooce, Girl's Gone Child, Her Bad Mother and Teressa Strasser. I'm kind of hot for Teressa, by the way.

That is all for now.