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Best of Babble

Since I usually don't post on Sundays I figured I'd start a new feature: Best of Babble. It'll be a round-up of my favorite Babble posts from the past week. Hopefully between Being Pregnant, Baby's First Year and Strollerderby you'll get a nice mix of parenting news from every angle; personal, what's in the news and the latest interesting studies. And hey, I ain't gonna lie. The Babble writers with the highest numbers of page views get bonuses. Every page view helps mama bring home the bacon. But I wouldn't link if I didn't think you'd be interested! I HOPE you're interested, is what I mean. Oh, hell, it's a lazy Sunday, just click around and see if you dig it.


Pregnancy Choices And The Mean Girl Syndrome - This post is probably the most popular one I wrote last week. I recommend reading the comments.

Who Belongs In The Delivery Room? - Sounds like a lot of mother-in-laws need some sons to get up their faces about who's going to be in the delivery room. Some of the comments on this one will blow your mind. Luckily, my mother-in-law absolutely doesn't fall in this category. She's content to wait til baby is born and then hold him for hours and hours every day, like a good mother-in-law should! She's the best.

Miranda Kerr Refused To Let Orlando Bloom Leave Her Side While Giving Birth - She made him pee in a bottle! The thought of him peeing into a bottle in between helping her push made me laugh.

True or False: 14 Pregnancy Myths Deconstructed: So I found this article on TIME. Some of the myths they say are false I totally thought were true (can't eat sushi, shouldn't sleep on your back while pregnant etc...) But these three OB-GYN's wrote a book about it. However, one of the commenters is a doctor who disagrees with some of the myths. See what you think.

When Birth Was Obscene: This is my favorite article I wrote on Being Pregnant last week. I think it's fascinating.


How Long Can Newborns Safely Go Without Pooping?: While some woman are mopping up explosions, I'm praying for one!

In Which I Gloat And You Want To Punch Me In The Face: But you sort of always want to punch me, right? I just have that kind of personality.

Stomach or Back and What's The Big Deal?: Another one of those controversial posts in which women finger wag and tell me I'm killing Henry.


Becoming Chaz: How Would You React If Your Child Wanted A Sex Change? - I am WAY into Chaz Bono, for some bizarre reason. Probably because his documentary happened to air while I was PMS-ing (ironic, as he's left PMS in the dust). Here is what I think: I think transgender people are brave and kick-ass and I CANNOT even fathom how difficult life has been for them. Can you imagine? I mean really! Can you possibly imagine what it's like to be born feeling like a boy but having a girl's body? Who would choose that life? No one. Yet society largely shuns people like this, considers them freaks when we should be treating them better because of such a difficult life path. Like, there should be affirmative action for transgendered individuals or something. Okay, stepping down off soap box now.

Parents Outraged Over Skecher Shape-Ups Shoes For Little Girls - This just pisses me off. What the fuck, Skechers?

Are Working Moms More Prone To Depression Than Stay-At-Home-Moms? - An interesting study that really hits home for me right now.