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Best Of Babble

Since we're all just sitting around suffering from post-apocalyptic hangovers why don't you just go ahead and click around all wondrous things I've written for Babble this week? And hey! While you're there your opinion would also be greatly appreciated in the form of a comment. Yeah? Cool! Let's do this.

BABY'S FIRST YEAR: Most of the chatter over there is about how I'm taking my boobs back from the little guy. Yup. But there are a few other bits and bobs floating around.

I Think I'm Done: How Do You Know When To Wean?: I never thought I'd be one of those moms who get all dramatic when they quit nursing but, well, it's kind of sad!

The Great Big Boobie In The Sky: Hank makes a special friend and I decide that yes, I really do want to wean.

Rapture 2011: In Which My Cup Runneth Over: Weaning continues, end of the world or no.

BEING PREGNANT: Now that I'm no longer pregnant, I'm really enjoying writing about pregnancy even though I get the most grief from people about these articles. What is it about pregnancy that makes people lose their minds or think they're suddenly medical experts? I dunno, but the comments are always awesome.

The Most Important Thing To Say To Someone Who's Suffered A Miscarriage: Six little words make a BIG difference.

5 Things To NEVER Say To A Woman Who's Suffered A Miscarriage: People can be so stupid.

Women Who Give Birth In Comas, Including A Woman Who GOT PREGNANT WHILE IN A COMA: I get a kick out of researching some of the crazier aspects of pregnancy and birth.

"Prenatal Exams Took Away From The Beauty of Being Pregnant" - Ever hear about freebirthers? Nah, it doesn't have anything to do with the President's birth certificate. It's a group of folks who take homebirthing to the extreme. Fascinating stuff. I'd really like to hear your thoughts on this. I have to admit, I'm intrigued, if only because I'd save thousands of dollars. You'd have to hit me on the head with a hammer as soon as I went into labor though.

What To Expect: An Honest Look At Your First Year As A New Mom: This is probably my favorite one of this week. I'd like to have read something like this before I got knocked up with Violet.

City Bans Public Breastfeeding of Children Over Two: Apparently there's a huge nudity problem in one American city?

The Pain of Childbirth: It's All Eve's Fault: Hey! What do you know? Sunday appropriate reading material? On The Girl Who? Go figure. I didn't not know that God allegedly cursed Eve with childbirth pain because of the whole apple thing. Did you?

Top 5 Worst Things About Being Pregnant: It's no secret, I hate being pregnant. Can you guess my list? Stretch marks didn't even make the top 5 y'all!


Police Release New Details About Teens Who Abandoned Baby Near Dumpster: I normally wouldn't post this link, but I made a comparison in this article that even I think is strange. I'm obviously still processing a traumatic incident from my youth. Check out the comments and see what you think. Was I way out of line with my comparison?

4-Year-Old Claims To Have Seen Heaven: I never know what to think about these stories...

Moms Who Bleach Their Kids' Hair: Epic Fail: Probably the most controversial post I wrote this week, which I think is strange, but there you have it. Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one.