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Best of Babble

Time for another rousing edition of Best of Babble wherein I post links to all the worthwhile shit I churned out during the week.


Do You Know Where And When You Conceived?: Halloween night, a strip tease, Thailand... The comments on this one are great.

Cool Video Of Babies Moving In Their Mamas' Bellies: KICK ASS. Like an episode of alien. Definitely a must-see if you're knocked up.

Pros and Cons of Learning The Gender Before Birth: Which camp are you in and why?

Woman Gives Birth To Baby That Grew OUTSIDE Her Uterus: And I thought my pregnancy sucked. Duuude.

Choosing To Be Childless: How Oprah Made Me A Better Mom: Is there still a stigma surrounding people who choose to be childless? Any asshole can get knocked up, but not any asshole can be a good parent.

10 Pregnancy Symptoms You Should Never Ignore: Just call your doctor and quit stressing! They field these kinds of calls all the time!


Breastfeeding A Feral Cat: Seriously. It's like I'm forcing myself on some wild neighborhood cat who hasn't eaten in months.

Boy Or Girl? 4-Month-Old Being Raised Genderless: The most popular and most controversial thing I wrote about all week. Have you heard about this? Check it out.

Weight Loss After Weaning: Everyone says nursing helps you lose weight. Not me. The pounds dropped off AFTER I STOPPED BREASTFEEDING.

At What Point Is This Child Abuse?: Okay, so I probably should've turned him over sooner, but his little grunts and the farting were just so cute.

Well, It Finally Happened: Let's just say it has not been my best week of parenting chez Bielanko.

Boys Have A Penis, Girls Have A Vagina: The dilemma over what to call your kid's private parts. What did your parents call yours? What words do you teach your children?


Genderless Child Update, Parents Defend Decision To Keep Baby's Sex Secret: An update on the article I wrote on Baby's First Year about the parents raising their baby genderless.

The Ultimate Daddy-Daughter Wedding Dance: So this is awesome. If I had a wedding, this is how I'd rock it.

Elizabeth Smart's Kidnapper Sentenced To Life In Prison: I did a little freelance work for FOX this week. I got to hang out at the courthouse and get reaction from Elizabeth Smart after her kidnapper, Brian David Mitchell, was sentenced to life in prison. Here's what it was like to cover one of the most famous kidnappings in recent history.

Opocalypse!: My thoughts on the end of Oprah.

Stroller Cleaning Service: Reasonable or Ridiculous?: Seriously? I mean, SERIOUSLY?

Police Release New Details About Teens Who Abandoned Baby Near Church Dumpster: I wrote what was supposed to be a straight news piece and realized I'm still beating up on myself about an abortion I had as a teen. The comments on this one are the best part.