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Best of Babble

Here we go again. I write and you please to like? Yes?


Mom Confession: I'm Jealous of Your Natural Chidbirth: Sometimes I feel like a big wussy and a little left out for not experiencing natural childbirth.

Middle Names: License To Get Funky?: A lot of people give their children middle names they wouldn't dare use as first names. What was your naming process?

I Don't Get It: How Can You NOT Know You're Pregnant: Seriously! What the hell?

Live And Let Live: Pregnancy does weird shit to women. Like, makes them act like I did in junior high. I hate it.

Popular Mom Blogger Gives Birth After Tough Year: Do you read Amalah? You really should. She kicks ass.

Sad Dads: Why Men Get Postpartum Depression: It isn't just women, y'all!

Mom Says Smoking While Pregnant Was Good For Baby: Just when I think I've seen everything. Jesus.


Does The Tooth Fairy Pay Too Much?: I mean, like, am I going to have to take out a loan? Daaaamn. This is my favorite Strollerderby article I wrote this week. Sherri Shepherd, from The View, tweeted it out, even. I am so famous.

11-Year-Old Saves Toddler From Drowning While Clueless Adults Chat Nearby: Sometimes I think you should have to apply for a parenting license.

Should Sexting Be Grounds For Expulsion? This Parent Says No Way: You'll have to read to find out why.

Can Conjoined Twins Share A Mind?: Fascinating shit, man.


Good News About Your Nipples: More about my boobs than you thought even I could share.

Help Me Survive The Drive: In which I request tips and tricks to help me make it across the country with a toddler and a 4--month-old. You couldn't see it but I just made the sign of the cross, and I'm not even catholic.

The Tank: Where does he put the stuff? Hollow legs?