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I rarely share the music that I'm listening to here. I dunno. Music is super personal and there's just something that feels condescending about someone telling you what you should be listening to. Although, I've found some cool music by reading a couple blogs and suggestions from y'all, it never personally feels right for me to tell you what I'm listening to. As if I'm some bastion of brilliance. But sharing is cool too and every now and again a little something strikes me so I figure, what the hell...

A while back I told you of my crush on Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros. In fact, my favorite Violet Video is set to their song Home. The lead singer is just this beautiful dude I really like. Anyway, I listen to satellite radio and the station I like has been playing songs by this guy called Alexander and I always like every song. I've been meaning to check out this Alexander guy and what he's all about and lo and behold, it's the lead singer of Edward Shape And The Magnetic Zeros.

I am telling you, this guy rocks my world. And not just in a musical way. I like 'em bearded and dirty and, well, just watch the video. It's cool as hell also. The song, A Million Years, is from Alexander Ebert's self-titled debut album that was released in March:

He also has a song, Truth, which I really like as well.