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I Couldn't Take It Another Second

So the house contains a lot of wallpaper. A LOT. It's like an interior decorator from the seventies got snowed in one winter and had to do something to keep busy. We've got flowers, stripes, and just plain wallpaper. What's the point of plain gray wallpaper? There's even an animal motif in a couple rooms. Remember the ducks? Or geese? Or swans? In the bathroom, of all places. I mean, I could deal with a kitchen swan, maaaybe. But a bathroom swan? Or goose? Duck? Traipsing across the wall of a bathroom larger than my entire damn apartment in Brooklyn?

I just snapped y'all.

So, whatever the fuck they were, they are no longer. And yes, that's painted wallpaper I'm peeling off - paint the color of flesh. I smell a little bathroom project for The Surge.