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More Pictures of Meeeee

I know. What the hell? Yesterday I forced you to look at pictures of my giant belly and today I'm making you look at the belly again.
The horror. The goddamned horror of trying on a swimming suit. In WALMART, no less. While your toddler whines and you have to resist the urge to grab handfuls of your mottled flesh and scream, “See this! You did this to me! You did!!!”

I resisted the urge. But I thought it really hard.

Henry is nearly five-months-old so I figured it was time for me to get over my fat self and just go buy a swimming suit already. It’s humid here in Pennsylvania and we discovered a very excellent outdoor pool just over the mountain in the next valley over.

Get over yourself, I thought. Take your daughter swimming.
The horror of buying your first swimsuit, post-baby. Including pictures. Of me. In a swimsuit. Oy vey. It's what I'm babbling about today.