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Sneak Peek

So... we decided to paint our bathroom SEA SPRAY! However, Serge is super busy electrocuting himself installing the new medicine cabinet so it isn't totally finished yet. He's replacing this 1950's medicine cabinet that belongs in a dingy motel and has, like, fluorescent lights on both sides. When you switch them on they pop and buzz like one of those fly/moth zappers.

For now, here's the other side of the bathroom:

We chose sea spray because, like Kristin said in the comments:
With that dark woodwork, I would definitely skip the French Grey. Too dark. Tough to tell online, but Tropical Lagoon looks like it could end up looking like the most neon aqua you've ever seen...blues are weird that way. Give the dark wood, I'd say Sea Spray or Shale Gray -- less dark paint for higher contrast with the dark stain trim.
But mostly because of what Kira said:
Sea spray. Sea spray is SO RIGHT that the other colors, though lovely, are rendered evil. Because of not being sea spray.
Final photos to come if Serge doesn't die first.