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Swimming Hole

I've been jumping in the river a lot lately. During last week's heat wave, heading to Uncle Dave and Aunt Christine's swimming hole in their backyard was the only way to beat the heat.

Swear to God, this is their backyard. Just walk a few paces past their goats, Fury and Mud and you're nearly there. Mud is due to give birth in just a week or so and I plan to be there - with my camera - as Aunt Christine and Uncle Dave attempt to birth goat babies for the first time ever.

The river water is so cold you can't speak for a few seconds after jumping in but you feel all zingy and refreshed for hours afterward. More people should jump in rivers more often, I say. I can't believe I went so long in Utah without doing so.

I'm trying to convince Uncle Dave we should start a Polar Plunge this January 1.

A few more photos here.