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Best of Babble: Toddler Times Edition

I haven't done a Best of Babble since moving and I really need to get back into the swing of things. Because July was the first month I wrote for Babble's new toddler section, Toddler Times, I figured I'd link y'all over to those posts about Wylet.

Toddler Times

Wylet - I wasn't sure I wanted a daughter first, but, oh, how glad I am that I was wrong. SO wrong.

Stars & Stripes In The Country - A bunch of my favorite photos of Violet and our new house.

Call Me Mommy Or Go To Your Room - She's already calling me Mom. What's next, Monica? Asshole? What happened to mommy?

Kids Do The Craziest Things - A bunch of funny videos of toddlers doing nutty stuff, including one I made of Violet called Lady of the Dance. You know, like Lord of the Dance, that weird dance thing in which it seems their legs flail independently of their bodies, as Chandler from Friends once said.

Do You Curse In Front of Your Toddler? I Do - And I'm not really worried about it either.

Conversations With Wylet - In which Violet and I have a very serious conversation and I catch it on video.

Moms With Tattoos: Foolish or Cool-ish? - Violet is totally allowed to get a tattoo right now! But you'll have to read on to find out which one is already pre-approved.

In Which I Act Like A Toddler - Have you ever wanted to beat up other children?