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Can I Trouble You For 30 Seconds Of Your Time?

Remember my friend, Katie Allison Granju of She lost her son Henry last year and has been waging an extremely public and heartbreaking campaign to convince the Knoxville Sheriff's Department to properly investigate Henry's death and hold certain people responsible for their actions.

The local newspaper reporting on the story has made Katie and her family's life unbearable. Most recently it published a sensationalized, factually inaccurate (in major details) and flat out ugly article, even stealing Henry's obituary photo to use as the photograph for their story without even asking Katie if they could publish it. Henry's death and Katie's fight to get a proper, unbiased investigation has been their favorite go-to story over the past fourteen months.

Now, Katie's blog is among the finalists in that same newspaper's annual "Best Of" poll. Oh, the irony. I would love for Katie to win the award and then tell the newspaper and everyone who works there to shove it up their asses. Please vote. It's super easy. All you have to do is go here. They will ask for an email address, but it can be fake. No other registration required. Then you go to the "Entertainment" section of nominees and click on "Mamapundit" for best blog. That's it. Voting ends tomorrow.

Listen. I feel very sentimental about Katie because she helped me change my life even while mourning her son's death. If it wasn't for Katie, I wouldn't be working from home for Babble. If it wasn't for Katie I wouldn't have been able to move to Pennsylvania. We chose the name Henry largely because of Katie's son Henry. Serge wrote this for Henry Granju.

30 seconds. That's it. Thank you.