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Don't Eff Up The Most Important Day Of Your Child's Life!

You only get one chance to take photos of the birth of your child. Often, the day of baby’s birth can pass in a blur of activity. For many moms, looking back at photos helps them recall certain events they may not have noted the first time around. That’s why you’ll want to prepare yourself and your spouse with even just a mental list of what photos you want to take on baby’s first day of life. You can’t get that day back, you can’t get the photo-ops back. Sure you can hire a photographer whose sole job it is to focus on getting the right photos, and these days more people are turning to professionals. But, if like me, you want to keep it personal and take your own photos you’ll want to head to the birth of your child with a mental (and maybe even a physical) list of what photo ops you don’t want to miss.
Don't eff this one up! It's what I'm babbling about today. Click on over if you want to hear my stellar advice and check out photos of ma babies' births. No vagina! I promise!