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Homage To Pop

Violet has suddenly reached this stage where she cries when Serge uses the bathroom.

"Bye daddy! Bye daddy! BYE DADDY!!!"

She sheds enormous crocodile tears until he returns. It's the same drill if he steps out onto the porch to sneak a smoke or runs upstairs to grab something. Interestingly and somewhat irritatingly, she does not do the same for me. Serge likes to gloat about this, mostly because he's a giant assface, but whatever.

The two of them have always had a special relationship, a tight bond. He was with her more than I was for the first year of her life and this really upset me. It was the catalyst for me quitting my job and us moving here, to Green Acres.

For the past few days I've been working on a special project for Serge. He's such an excellent father and writer that I wanted to do something that kind of showcased who he is in our family.

I think I came up with just the thing.

Check it out if you have a spare moment or two. His words on fatherhood are some of the most beautiful I've ever read.