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We're Hoping It's A Pony

Do you miss me? Are you pining for more posts? Have you been clicking over here calling me a lazy em-effer because I haven't been updating? Because that would be a good thing. It's nice to be missed. That means you like me, you really like me!

I told you my mom was in town so I have been knee deep in familial relations this past week which also means I have been drunk most of the time. It's the only way to cope, you know? Just kidding, mom! I'm really probably just an alcoholic...

I'll be back to regular posting this Monday, so never you fear! One last thing: these make me almost wish I was pregnant again. Easy there, tiger. I said ALMOST. Anyway, it's what I'm babbling about. Check 'em out. My favorite changes every day. I think I like the pony one the best now.