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And Then I Puked

Despite the look on her face in this photo, Violet loved this ride. Despite the look on my face, I did not love this ride. In fact, after looking at the photo again I realize that's not fun on my face, that's terror. Fear of spraying the entire crowd below with upchucked fair food. But I had to do this. Violet kept flinging her arms wide and screaming WAAAHOOOO! I'M FLYYINNG MAMA, I'M FLYYYYING! So of course I had to go on it twice. Which, I don't think I need to tell you is one time too many. After the second ride I had to kneel on the ground and stare at the grass really hard, engaged in a battle of wills with my body, forcing it not to eliminate the foot long cheesesteak sandwich I had just shoved down my gullet not twenty minutes before.

Now, that's love.