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We exited the mall, blinking into the bright sunshine in a kind of happy stupor. How could buying a suit be so easy? Secretly I think each of us expected it to be an ordeal on par with filing our taxes or getting cavities filled. Buying a new suit with two children in tow? Buying a suit when we don't know the first thing about suit sizes and cuts and fits and... There was just no way we were escaping this little family event unscathed.

And yet. AND YET. Within twenty short minutes my fella was the proud owner of a pin-striped suit in which he looks sexy as hell. I begged him to let me take photos of him posing jauntily to no avail. Then I told him he best keep it in good condition because, at the rate we buy fancy new suits 'round these parts, well, we'll likely be burying him in this one.

I do believe I forgot to inform you that Serge is reuniting with Marah for an upcoming tour in Spain. He's also agreed to do a couple shows beforehand. In fact, if you're in the Pittsburgh area you should go this Friday! Or go to a full-band show at the Elk Creek Cafe in Millheim on the 24th. I realize Millheim isn't exactly on your way to anything or nearby anything but it's the quaintest little town you'll ever see and the beer they brew is the best you'll ever drink. Plus! I'll be there and I'd love to meet you! (More info here).

All the Marah talk reminded me that The Girl Who used to contain a whole section called Tour of Duty, dedicated to stuff Serge wrote while touring with Marah. Funny, funny stuff. New York Hair, for example. And then there is one that has always been Untitled.

Here's some video of Marah (and Violet) rehearsing the other day at Marah HQ: