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I Want To Send You The Best Book I've Read In A Long Time

I went shopping yesterday. Because I was paid to do so. Which is about the only time you can get me to go shopping. Contrary to what a seeming majority of my gender would have you believe, I do not enjoy purchasing stuff. When forced to buy things I'm in and out in seconds. I don't like trying stuff on, I don't like deliberating which shoes to buy, which dress to purchase. I'd rather give your granny a bath and then set her hair in rollers, I swear to God.

Anyway, if required to shop, Old Navy is my place, man, and I ain't ashamed to tell you so. Stylish yet affordable clothes, huge dressing rooms capable of fitting an army of strollers and three-way mirrors. At this point, any joint that doesn't have three-way mirrors is dead to me. Especially if they're selling jeans. We NEED to see our asses before we purchase! You KNOW this.

But this trip wasn't about me, it was for Violet. And I wasn't even required to mention Old Navy or anything, really. They just wanted me to write about shopping. So I wrote about it but I also videotaped it! With a crappy camera that Henry kept grabbing the entire time. Shaky vid from a crappy cam for your viewing pleasure! Actually, it really is my favorite new video of Wylet, that sweet, little nutter.

Check it out, it's what I'm babbling about today. You can find the video at the very bottom. Also, because I appreciate y'all reading my Babble stuff and helping me support my family I wanted to reward you for clicking on over.

My favorite book in a long while is Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer. I won't bore you with my non-expert opinion on why this book is so great although you can read some of why I love it right here. Anyway, the book rules and I want to send someone a shiny, new hardback copy. Unless paperbacks are your thing and they are sometimes my thing depending on where I'm reading the book. Tub reading = paperback. Exercising on a treadmill reading = hardback. You know what I'm saying, right?

So, go watch my Wylet video and leave a comment over there telling me your favorite part. You can comment up to once a day between now and October 1st (I can monitor IP addresses over there) but you have to pick a new favorite part every time you comment. Or you can leave a comment about what you like or dislike about Old Navy. On October 1st I'll randomly pick a commenter and send them a copy of Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close. If there are a lot of comments I might think up some other stuff to give away. Maybe even an Old Navy gift certificate? Cool? Cool.

NOTE: This post and giveaway is NOT sponsored by Old Navy. It's my own thing. A way to say thanks for clicking my links. So, thank you.