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Not Very Well Thought Out

In my excitement I didn't really think out this little giveaway of mine. Typical me. Serge will tell you I just rush into everything and as much as I hate to admit it, he's right.

So, here's the deal:

Click over to this post on Toddler Times and leave a comment. About anything. What you're eating, why you hate your sister-in-law, your favorite movie of all time... whatever. Be creative! This could be fun. You can comment about other people's comments, whatever. There are no commenting rules other than you can only leave a comment once a day.

To recap: you can comment once a day until October 1st. You can comment about anything, even how bad you hate me! Wouldn't that be fun if that commenter won?! And then I have to send the person that hates me a gift? So, of course, the more you click over in that time period the better your chances of winning.

What will you win? On October 1st I'm going to randomly pick five commenters and send them a copy of Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close or a $20 gift card to Old Navy. Your choice.

I'll remind you here and throw up the link every day for your convenience. Like I said earlier, this isn't sponsored by anyone, this is just me saying thanks for clicking my Babble links and helping me pay the bills. So go comment, wouldja?