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Babble Round-Up (Strollerderby Edition)

In case you missed it, this post on The Evolution of the Stroller is the most time intensive thing I've ever done over at Babble. It actually was really fun and I realized I like to research stuff. Check it out., if only to click through the photos of baby carriages from the 1700s to the "stroller of the future" created by, of course, Porsche.

Courtney Cox & David Arquette Do It Right - If I ever got a divorce, this is how I'd like to roll.

"99% Of All Parents Do Have A Favorite Child And The 1% Are Lying Through Their Teeth" - I disagree with the author who says this. Click over to find out why.

Wherein I Find Myself Defending Kate Gosselin - I took a lot of shit in the comments for this... I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

Do Children Ever Belong On Reality TV? - What do you think? Also, is blogging about your children the same as allowing them to be on reality TV? A couple people accuse me of exploiting my kids for money.

Old People + Technology = Hilarious - Have you watched this adorable old couple? If not, you totally should.

Less Play Time = More Troubled Kids - Parents aren't letting their kids play outside as much as they used to... and there are some repercussions.