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It's Never Too Soon To Hook Your Baby On Soda!

I'm obsessed with old ads. Could browse around the internet looking at them for hours. I find it fascinating to see how people lived during various time periods. Kind of like watching folks smoke in office buildings or the subservient women on an episode of Mad Men, looking at old ads is a window into another time, another way of life. Hindsight affords us 20/20 vision, so it's easy to look back and giggle at what seems incomprehensible to us today: babies in cigarette ads, urging mom to "light up" or babies guzzling "wholesome" 7up... It makes me wonder what we're doing now that will cause people living a hundred years from now to laugh. Look at those idiots all the time talking on cell phones! No wonder they all died from brain cancer!

Intriguing and Bewildering Vintage Ads Featuring Babies, it's what I'm babbling about today.