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In One Second Everything Changes

Yesterday our house caught fire. We all made it out safely thanks to a good samaritan who banged on our door and told us the house was on fire. Panic. What do you take when you only have seconds? Your kids and your dogs and that's it.

One second you're arguing over bullshit and the next second you don't have a home.

We are told Violet's room is a total loss as is my office, the attic, which also held all our storage including all of my journals from my entire life, all my baby pictures, momentos, yearbooks, files, letters, cards, documents, birth certificates, marriage certificate... all of it gone. Keepsakes from Violet's birth: little footprints, first blanket, first onesie, first hat, first everything - all gone. This blog is the only keepsake of her first three years.

Now the search begins for a new place to call home. I am not sure what will happen to our beloved house in the country for now. We are absolutely devastated and still in shock. Today we assess the damage. I am scared to look at the blackened remains of my entire life. Everything I ever considered important and carefully saved in boxes is gone.

But we are here and that is most important.

Thank you for all your emails, thoughts, and kind words. We are all staying at Grammy's house the next valley over while we figure out what to do next.

Not sure what posting will be like here on The Girl Who, you can find both Serge and I on Facebook (Monica's account and Serge's account) for possibly more immediate updates.

Thank you friends. Your generous hearts have overwhelmed us and in spite of the circumstances we feel extremely blessed during such an awful time.

Serge, Monica, Violet, Henry, Max and Milo.