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Wherein I Am Inspired To Run Around Breastfeeding Random People

My one foray into photographing myself while nursing. Not exactly inspiring, yeah?

The few times I tried to breastfeed in public I just felt weird. Regardless of how many times I've flashed my tits while drunk, whipping out a boob for another human being to suck on always felt awkward. I know, I know, breast is best and it's perfectly natural and all that but, well, it just never felt all that natural to me. Sad but true: I guess I prefer to be drunk when my nipples are on display, you know, the way mother nature intended.

Perhaps that's because of the way I was raised or maybe it's a small commentary on a Western culture that gets awfully squeamish at the sight of a mother publicly nursing her child but has no problem ogling a gigantic pair of fake titties testing the fabric limitations of a teeny bikini like a couple of frisky puppies straining at their leashes.

I tell you all this to explain how strongly I reacted to the images you're about to see. Our American culture has sexualized boobs to the point that women trying to feed their children are told to cover up and made to feel embarrassed for feeding their babies.

But the women in the photos you're about to see have not fallen victim to that mindset. There is no hint of shame, just the steely, self-assured gaze of someone accomplishing something common... and yet miraculous. A boob spilling from clothing, or even a totally naked breast, is as innocuous as an arm or a foot but so much more alluring in that it sustains life. The woman are strong and powerful yet casual and unaffected. Each of them radiates the quiet strength of motherhood that I so desperately wish I emanated. But alas, I can only examine each photo, as I've already done several times, and then feel so inspired I want to run around breastfeeding random people in front of everyone. RAAAWR.

I've never been a fan of breastfeeding pics. Seemed unnecessary. And most of the photos shot in America look so staged. Mom all made up, hair flowing as she leans casually against a bridge while staring soulfully at her baby or the camera just like the one of me up there. Do I look peaceful, Serge? Let me see. Ew, gross. My face looks fat. Take another one.

But these photos, it's almost like snapping a picture of someone while they're hard at work or in the middle of a magic trick. I don't know. It's hard to explain so just see for yourself. If only we could all breastfeed publicly with such self-assured resolve and not be worried about what some dickwad who probably jacks off to Playboy porn titties has to say about it. Check out Beautiful Breastfeeding: 25 Stunning Photos From Around The World.

Reader Comments (2)

gorgeous photos-i love them. the one of you and your babe is really beautiful too.
i was uncomfortable about the idea of breastfeeding in public before i had my son and then was surprised to find that i didn't mind and felt totally empowered doing it. but here in brooklyn every other mom has her boob out (exaggeration) in the playground so it was probably the group mentality that made me lose my shyness.

October 1, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLC


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