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Raise Your Hand If You Grew Up With An Avocado Green Fridge

Speaking of food and kitchens, which please keep telling me about your current food obsessions because I'm so into hearing about people's personal habits and private lives because I'm weird like that and would probably get off on watching you have sex with your husband or wife too so let's make some popcorn and get this thing started!

Where was I?

Oh yeah! So I had THE BEST time doing this thing over on Babble. They didn't ask me to do it or anything, it was just an idea I had after watching a billion episodes of House Hunters over the years and yeah, maybe I'm a bit of a geek but if, like me, you've long been obsessed with House Hunters regardless of every home buyer's ridiculous insistence on purchasing a kitchen with marble and stainless steel and their certainty that they'll be entertaining seven nights and therefore must have a kitchen island that can seat eighty people then you'll like this thing I did.

From Icebox to Sub-Zero: Evolution of the Kitchen From 1900-1912

Next time you complain about not having a dishwasher, or like me, sometimes bitch about not having a disposal, gander the kitchens of women from the 1920s. Or next time you eyeball that stainless steel sub zero fridge the size of a Manhattan apartment you've been coveting, take a look at what passed for fridges in the early 1900s. But the kitchens of today aren't exactly superior. The style of kitchens of the 1950s and 60s are pretty awesome which may be why so many people are turning to the retro look. Anyway, check it out if you have a few minutes to spare, it's pretty fascinating to see the evolution.