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Man On Fire

First kid: hospital bracelet, dead belly button, (seriously!) fingernail clippings, first onesie, extensive baby booking, you save everything.

Second kid: Eh. I'm doing my best.

It's what every mother will tell you.

When Violet was born I was constantly capturing her existence in writing, video and photos. The task of documenting a human life weighed heavily upon me at all times. As a result, monthly newsletters, a millionty-five photos, videos, all of it.

With Henry it's not that I have documented any less (okay I have documented a little less, he has no monthly newsletters) it's just that I haven't had time to create videos and stuff in the same way that I did for Violet. And yet the job of documenting this very important human life weighs no less heavily than it did or does for Violet!

You'd think the opposite would be true, wouldn't you? When Violet was born I went back to work full-time after six weeks but I've worked from home ever since Henry was born. But, see, when you work somewhere for someone else you don't realize how (if you have internet access) much of your employer's time you're really wasting while online. Hours and hours! C'mon, you know it's true! But when you work from home the only person's time you're wasting is your own. It feels so much nicer to blog on someone else's dime (Sorry Renai, it's true, I'll bet 95% of your employees are on Facebook right now!) and made it a whole lot easier to get stuff done in between doing my actual work. Now, after a full day of writing online the last thing I feel like doing is more online stuff, you know?

Anyway, now that he's almost two I've finally put together a video documenting Henry's first year. You may remember I did something similar with Violet right here, so I thought it only fitting that I use another Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros song for Henry. The song is called Man on Fire and it's from the band's latest album "Here". As with their first album, "Up From Below", every single song is excellent. I spent most of 2012 listening to Edward Sharpe and the lead singer's solo venture "Alexander" which is also totally awesome. I mean far be it from me to get all preachy about music, because, you know, yuck, but I really don't think you can go wrong with any of their stuff.

And you really can't go wrong watching my little feller's first year in action either:

*Note: Sorry it's so long. I think the video's length is in direct proportion to my guilt over lack of videos thus far in his little life.