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History of Hair

Almost a year after cutting off nearly a foot of hair. Yeah, I know, I need a trim.

Okay fine, I admit it. Cutting off my hair was a mistake. I knew it was bad news the second I did it. Hell, I knew it was a mistake before I did it. I mean, come one. Cutting bangs in 2009 threw me for a loop so I knew the haircut was a mistake but I forged onward, refusing until this very typing to admit that OH MY GOD I HATE MY HAIR SO MUCH.

But I had to do it. For two reasons:

Firstly, I had just watched Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and, well, I tend to be susceptible to the hair styles of women in movies. I was all Girl Power! and My Hair Does Not Define Me! But my current do is hardly that of the ass-kicking Lisbeth Salander. More like Lisbeth’s older, matronly, more conservative sister so, as it turns out, my hair kind of does define me just a leeetle bit and so I’ve felt like I’ve been sporting News Anchor Hair the whole of 2012.

Secondly, Serge has always been attracted to girls with super short hair. So I thought, what the hell?

What the hell, indeed.

Turns out, the line between smokin’ hot punk rock chick hair-do and mom hair-don’t is a lot thinner than I thought.

If you want to continue reading History of Hair and check out a bunch of photos of my hair over the years (of course you do, I mean, why wouldn't you?) click on over here to He Said/She Said where you will behold not only my hair through the ages but a new, improved slideshow function that won't make you want to rip off your skin and throw it down the disposal, although the same cannot be said about certain hairstyles...