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Year In Review

Serge and I wrote a couple year in review posts over on He Said/She Said. If, like me, you enjoy the closure reading all these end of year lists brings, click on over and check 'em out. Happy New Year!

Tragedy, Triumph and Scandal: Top Parenting Stories of 2012 - From the mom who fat-shamed her 7-year-old in Vogue, to the dad who shot up his daughter's computer and the infamous "Tan Mom," 2012 was chock full of parents making major headlines.

Sex, Love and Divorce: The Top 15 Couples Moments of 2012 - Tom and Katie, Brad and Angie, General Petraeus and everybody, a lot of shenanigans went down. Take a look and see if you agree. If not, who's missing? I still think Clint Eastwood and his chair should've made the list but Serge shot me down.