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The Girl With The Electric Shoes: A Short Film About Being Awesome

I meant to post this video myself the other day and Serge beat me to it. And, of course, he did a much better job articulating the awesomeness... - Monica

This past Christmas, my daughter Violet’s very excellent Aunt and Uncle and cousins sent her a humongous brown box in the mail. It got to our place a week or two early, but I stuck it back in the coat closet with it’s own zip code downstairs, to get opened on the big morning.

So, finally Christmas dawns, I mean pre-dawns, and we’re all downstairs around the tree.

Monica and I are sipping our hot coffee/wondering how it’s here already/fighting off The Army of the Christmas Eve Chianti, who are (quite discourteously, I might add) circling back onto yesterday’s battlefield to fire a couple more lame-o potshots into our throbbing skulls.

Henry, aka Baby Rhino, is under the evergreen somewhere, gnawing on a fallen ornament.

And Violet is still reeling from the browning apple core that Rudolph has left behind, on the table beside Santa’s cookie crumbs and his empty chocolate milk glass. She seems entranced. She is, for the first time, held captive by the purest spell known to man this side of the Dancing Cobra.

Wrapping paper whips across the room like cows up in a twister.

There are squeals. Hard charges by Hank: out from under the prickly tree, then back in for the next ambush.

I slide Monica some Sinatra records decked out in a robe of Wal-Mart snowmen and winter cardinals. It’s adorned with ribbon that I curled myself, by the scissor edge. She stares down at her coffee and I think she might be asleep. Or worse.

Finally, Violet is inside of the big box from her Aunt/Uncle/cousins.

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