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An Open Letter To The Deadbeats

GotDAMN but this sumbitch can WRITE! - Monica

Adele is in the news again, this time talking about her 48-year-old father.

Or her lack of one.

The 23-year-old Grammy champ says that her days of trying to get a bit closer to her estranged dad are over and that should she happen to run into him, she “will spit in his face,” according to an interview in Vogue magazine.

This is a shame too, because what a thrill it would be to be in your young 20s, and to be able to share the rarest of lives, of success stories, with your dad. I can hardly think of the prospect of anything cooler in this world.

And yet, she has her reasons, I’m certain.

Being abandoned by an alcoholic dad hurts like hell.

I should know...

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