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Baby Rhino Turns One

I was sitting here wondering what I wanted to say about my beautiful boy on his first birthday. Then I clicked over and read what Serge wrote, describing our sweet fellow so perfectly, and well, now I just don't even know what to write. This guy, always outwriting me, making me feel like Vanilla Ice trying to rap next to Eminem or something. No comparison. So, enjoy this missive from Serge about our Henry while I think of just what I want to say. - Monica.

You’re one of those salt-of-the-earth hombres, so wonderfully unimpressed with the material world.

Even your hobbies are simple and plain: all no frills and tragically cheap.

You collect pieces of bark and twig and leaf you find on the kitchen floor.

And you eat them.

You enjoy pounding things you can hold in your fist onto surfaces that you cannot. You are a connoisseur of dirt, a true patron of the filths.

Dead ladybugs?

You’re a fan, a big one. Lord only knows what kind of dead ladybug ghost town you’ve been building up down in your belly-guts.

It’s all too much for a dummy like me to figure out, my man.

You are a friend that eclipses any sort of thank-you gift I am going to pick up at this store or that one.

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Henry, informing you that he is one-year-old today.