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Top 10 Most Shocking and Embarrassing Moments In Oscar History

I don't think I've ever watched an entire Academy Awards show. I watch the red carpet thing on E! and hate Ryan Seacrest, Gulianna Rancic, and myself for it. I always watch the beginning of the actual show because they do the monologue and all the supporting actor stuff. Then I tune out for a while and check back in for the last half hour when all the good stuff happens. What about you? Are you a big Oscar watcher?

If you are then maybe you witnessed some of the most shocking and embarrassing moments in Oscar history I was charged with collecting. A streaker, a husband who forgets his wife's name (can you guess who?) and the wildest dress in Oscar history.

The ten most shocking, ridiculous and embarrassing moments in Academy Award history - it's what I'm babbling about. What do you think are there any moments I missed?