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Playing Stare Eyes With 35

***Imagine, if you will, me slapping some kind of button that activates a siren that makes a very loud noise and screams the words SPONSORED POST, SPONSORED POST, SPONSORED POST in Fran Drescher's voice. There. Was that warning enough?

While I don't really care for spending big bucks on makeup, I have never felt too badly about shelling out a little bit more for skin care. You know, stuff like cleansers, toners, and most especially moisturizers. I mean, you only get one skin, right? Unless you're Joan Rivers and then you just kind of keep replacing your skin and sanding down the new stuff after a little wear and tear... But I think in addition to her plastic surgeon I think even Joan probably needs a really excellent moisturizer.

And listen, I don't even really shell out the big bucks for skin care. Basically, if a moisturizer is in the $10 to $20 range I consider that to be big bucks. But, as I am currently engaged in a stare eyes competition with the ripe old age of 35, I figure it is time. Time to start really giving a crap about my skin because I am on the cusp, you know? Mid-thirties. MID-THIRTIES. I also hear the phrase mid-thirties shrieked in Fran Drescher's voice.

The lines are deepening, the wrinkles are multiplying, gaining ground on my face and leaving tiny footprints in their destructive wake, causing me to second-guess my skin care regime which is limited to soap and water (when I'm not too tired at night) and a generous slathering of Oil of Olay.

With 35 looming, I was passively on the hunt for a new moisturizer when our house burned, along with my newly purchased bottle of Oil of Olay. Before I had a chance to maybe try something else an email landed in my inbox. I was asked if I'd like to try out the MUVAZI skin care line and write about it. I did a little googling and discovered that MUVAZI is a natural skin care line made with all natural ingredients and isn't tested on animals. I like the sound of that so I told them, what the hell, send the stuff on over.

I've been using the entire Muvazi skin care system for all of February and here's the deal. I like it. A lot. I didn't realize how much the soap I was previously using was drying out my skin until I used the MUVAZI Cleanser and Toner. It is super light and foamy. It's the lightest cleanser I've ever used and because it doesn't have any chemicals it doesn't have a strong smell. Not only that, but because it's combined with the toner my skin doesn't feel dry. You know that feeling? After you wash your face but before you use moisturizer? Your skin feels kind of tight? If you don't know that feeling you're probably under 25 and I'm wondering why you're reading a blog about some boring, married mom's life and her skin care routine, no less. If this is you then I urge you to immediately stop reading this blog, get drunk and have protected but crazy sex with some guy you'll never see again. That last sentence wasn't sponsored by MUVAZI, by the way.

Where was I? Oh, yes. Skin care! After the cleanser I use the Hydrating Face Serum, which I daresay I love. In the winter I get these flakey spots around my nose and those have completely disappeared. I splash it on my face like aftershave and my skin feels clean and refreshed, like it's chewing a piece of Wintergreen gum. Or something... Oh nevermind. You know what I mean.

So okay, the cleanser and serum is all well and good but it's the moisturizer I'm really interested in here. I'm not vain but as I age I do have an interest in coaxing my skin into the opposite direction that Donatella Versace's epidermis seems to be heading. No offense, D, I'm sure you're a sweet gal but leather purse skin is so early nineties. On the bright side, you will be leading the pack if alligator becomes fashionable in skin instead of shoes!

Anyway, the skin care system comes with two moisturizers, the Intracellular Moisturizer and the Oxygenic Eye Cream. The moisturizer is fantastic. After using both the moisturizer and the eye cream I feel like maybe the moisturizer I was using before was a tad on the oily side. The MUVAZI stuff is thick and creamy, like frosting. I like that. My skin feels hydrated and soft, but not oily. The eye cream is my favorite. It goes on cool and soft. You know that cool fresh feeling? Like putting cotton balls soaked in ice cold milk or cucumbers on your eyes? It's like that.

The skin care system came along when I had to take a bunch of stupid photos of myself for that Babble beauty project. When I went to the department store to talk makeup with a saleswoman she impressed upon me that the most important part of makeup looking good is the condition of your skin. At that time my skin was dry and flakey with red discoloration. I was able to use MUVAZI for two weeks before taking all these photos and definitely feel like my skin looked better than it had before I started.

Will I order it when I run out? I don't know, we'll see how I feel when that day comes. For now, I've had it for a month and it isn't even a quarter gone, so it looks like it will last me for several more months. I'll let you know how I feel then.

So listen. I know I'm raving about the product, but I liked it a lot. I guess the only reason I'm not saying I LOVE it is because I know $120 is a lot of money for folks. But, like I said, I think this system will last a couple months, at least. Plus it's a whole system: a cleanser/toner, a serum, a moisturizer and an eye cream. And also! In exchange for writing about it I talked the good people at MUVAZI into cutting you a deal! If you want to try out the skin care system, because you read The Girl Who, you get a $50 discount. All you have to do is go to the MUVAZI website and use the coupon code thegirlwho and you'll get the entire skin care system for $69.95 plus Free Priority Shipping. Additionally, they're offering you a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don't like it, you get your money back. Easy as that.

As for me, I'm considering rubbing the Oxygenic Eye cream in other places. It's just so minty fresh! Like biting into a York Peppermint Pattie! I'll let you know how that works out for me. And Serge.