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Henry The First: A Year In The Life

Henry is walking in short spurts, lurching across the floor like a drunk, and he's sputtered his first word. Both milestones well-timed to coincide with his first birthday. Here is his daddy's look back at his first year of life via photos and words. - Monica

Looking back at someone’s first year of life is sort of a tricky business.

If the person isn’t your kid, well, let’s face it: you might die of boredom, there is no one on Earth who loves to write or read about a kid more than the ones who helped create them.

Then, coming in a very distant second, are the rest of the people in the world who basically could care less about your baby pictures and your verbal coos.

Still, it has to be done, huh? It’s almost like some kind of grown-up right of passage, to gloat about your little one’s first this and that.

So, here’s me. Here’s mine.

Here’s my sweeping mega-chronicle of my son Henry’s very first year. His first year of the down and dirty, his first days and weeks of oxygen and bear hugs and eating the dark dirt right from the flower pot of life down here on Earth.

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