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Let's Get It On?

In light of this post it may seem strange that we're discussing our desire for a third child. It's a valid question. So maybe we wait a year? Or is it easier to bang out another kid while still kind of in pregnancy/baby mode? Is it harder to go back to baby mode the more time that goes by or is waiting a year or so a wise course of action?

If we did go for it on the sooner side of things I would justify that decision by saying the more Serge and I learn about parenthood and its many pitfalls, the better we get. Additionally, it seems like we are learning to relax. After Violet's birth we hovered around her crib expecting her to die at any moment. With Henry, well, we chuck him in his crib and the little sucker generally goes to sleep without two over-anxious parents peering down at him every ten minutes. What I'm saying is, it seems to get easier with each kid. You learn the ropes, your anxiety decreases... Plus, at 40 and 35, we're no spring chickens. Hell, we aren't even summer chickens.

We've always felt like we at least wanted three kids. Because we got married so quickly we made sure we talked about all the big stuff and what we expected from marriage. I have the uber cheesy email exchanges to prove it. (Warning: reading those emails may induce instantaneous projectile vomiting).

To have or not to have or when to have a third child? That is the question we are babbling about today on He Said/She Said. Click on over to watch the video and leave your two cents. We'd love to hear from you.