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We Caved

Serge and I have been thinking for some time that we should start a Facebook page for The Girl Who and Thunder Pie. Mainly because between the two of us we're writing as many as five articles a day for Babble. Serge also has a writing gig over on Yahoo. So instead of inundating you with links here we caved and started a mutual Facebook page.

I know, I know... Another dumbass Facebook page to "like". Basically, if all the Babble stuff makes you nauseous then it's a good thing for you. I'll only post links here on The Girl Who to the best Babble stuff. All the other stuff I'll post on the Facebook page. That way, if you like us on Facebook you can pick and choose what you want to read. If you don't like us then your The Girl Who reading will be less interrupted by Babble links.

It's a good thing, as the great Martha Stewart oft opines, because if I posted links here to everything we write on Babble y'all would just abandon us. And if Babble reading ain't your thing well then hey! Just come over and ask us questions, give us grief, tell me how defensive you think I am, you know, fun stuff like that! What I'm saying is, anything we write we'll post links to over there to try and mitigate the amount of Babble linkage here. Sound good? Great. Come on over and join the conversation!

You're also welcome to follow my personal Facebook page. You know, for less links and more whining.