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The Little Things: Part 1 (Of Ten Thousand)

Whomever came up with the great idea of waterboarding as a torture method to get terrorists to give up information was way off. Way, waaay off. You want to torture someone, just force them to care for a sick toddler. They'll talk in two days, tops. And if they manage to make it through the second night then go ahead and throw in the coup de grace: a sick baby. They'll be blubbering information to you within hours.

Not only are we dealing with two sick children but I am sick. That's the reason behind the lack of posting lately. I'm scrambling to catch up with all my Babble assignments so this first video for He Said/She Said was shot and edited in between cleaning up various bodily fluids from children and blowing my nose. Thems the brakes of working from home, I guess. But if you spot a jump cut or a mistake, well, you try editing while a baby feverishly screams and a toddler claws at your face (you can see the scratch on my cheek if you look hard enough) and see if it ends up being your best work.


A while back, after I told you how insane the fan Serge insists on sleeping with makes me, y'all shared some of the little things your significant other does that could end with you starring in your own little episode of Snapped. Throat-clearing, gulping water, breathing. It made me wonder - do marriages end because of one big thing like cheating? Or is it all the little things that bite at us like pesky, blood-thirsty mosquitoes until we eventually just can't stand the sight of the one we once loved?

Today, over on He Said/She Said, Serge and I are sharing just a few of the little things about each other that make us crazy.