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A Mind-Blowing Epiphany About Raising A Daughter

I took it too far, my notion of raising a strong woman. I was rejecting all things girly-girl in the name of feminism. I was rejecting something that I believed would be detrimental to my girl - this princess/Barbie stuff. But in leaning too hard in the other direction I realized I was behaving in much the same way as so many religious parents react when they learn their child is gay. If it's who she is and what she likes then I shouldn't reject it I should accept it with open arms. I was actually going against the spirit of true feminism by not opening my mind to anything and everything my daughter may choose to enjoy.

Now, thanks to my beautiful Violet, and her own willful spirit, my mind is wide open to all possibilities and personalities that await her. If she likes pink and princess I'm not going to push in the other direction. I will rock the pink and the princess until something else catches her eye. But I will never again try to impose my opinion on her likes or dislikes in some mistaken notion that I'm raising her to be a strong woman, my notion of a strong woman. Basically what I'm telling you is if Violet thinks princesses are cool then, dammit, so do I. You can kick ass and like princesses at the same time, is what I'm learning.

My mind-blowing epiphany about true feminism and raising a daughter plus a note to the seemingly increasing number of women who say they don't want daughters - it's what I'm babbling about today.

Plus there are a bunch of cute photos of our heroine, Wylet.