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City Mouse Vs. Country Mouse: LIVE Blogging All Weekend

I'm New York bound today. As I was packing, at the last second as per usual, I realized all our duffel bags and suitcases were burned in the fire. Every last one. So it looks like I'm headed to the style mecca of the universe hauling my clothes in Serge's fishing bag. Yes. The Cabellas bag he uses to carry his fishing waders. I tell you this so that next fall, when you see a bunch of movie stars toting around fishing bags for purses, you'll know who kicked off that trend.

This will be my first night away from Henry. The only time I've been away from Violet is when I delivered Henry. Unhealthy? Maybe. But I really haven't had cause to be away from my babies. You'll remember Serge went on tour with his band for three weeks last fall, so I am well-versed in the solo parenting thing. But Serge, not so much. This weekend will be his first time alone with both kids. As you may or may not remember, this is the fella that worries that splinters will kill his children. So, uh, yeah. This should be interesting.

He has decided to live blog his experience over on our new column, He Said/She Said. We'll both be updating our experiences throughout the weekend - him fairly regularly and me when I can get a connection. So pop on over from time to time and offer the poor fella some words of encouragement, he's gonna need it.

***UPDATE: Have you been over there yet? Have you seen the poor guy's day? Still... I can't help but giggle.