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Seconds of Today

I've been taking tons of video lately. I've always taken a lot of photographs because I know someday, when I'm old and gray, I'll want to look at my babies growing up. Then it hit me... Why am I not taking video? I mean, don't I want to hear the sweet voices of my babies forever? And yes, there's nothing like a photo to capture a moment in time but yesterday, as I recorded Violet running in the yard with the dogs while dad mowed the lawn with Henry strapped to his back, I realized a photo could never do that fabulous family moment justice.

And so I present to you a new series: Seconds of Today. Every day I'm going to try to post a video featuring a couple seconds from our day. I know! You're elated, right? What could be better than watching other people do nothing? Well, if you're a voyeur like I am then you pretty much dig peeking into the lives of other people. Sometimes the video might be ten seconds and sometimes longer, it'll never be longer than ninety seconds, though, so there's that.

Let's see where this takes us, shall we? To kick things off I'm posting one specifically for a Grandma in Utah who hasn't really heard her Wylet talk all that much because we moved so far away.