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Turns Out, I Don't Care About Celebrity Nonsense

Who woulda thunk it?!

So I gave it the month of April and I've decided that I just can't do it. I can't write about celebrities and I especially can't write about their kids. Which, you could've knocked me over with an issue of Us Magazine when I made this realization. Because I am nothing if not a veritable wealth of useless celeb facts!

How many years were Brad and Jen married? What year did they divorce? What two Hollywood stars did Kelly Preston famously date before marrying John Travolta? Who looks better in their Gucci onesie; Morrocan or Monroe? Quick! Name all the countries Brad and Angie's kids are from! What color is Kingston Rossdale's hair this week? I know this stuff. And yet. I don't like writing about it. Attempting to write about it has made me embarrassed that I know about it. Strangely, after writing for Famecrawler my trashy mags just don't hold the same appeal. I don't know what it all means... Like, if I don't love celebrity gossip anymore then who am I? Am I going to have to start reading real books again? What will I fill my brain with if not inspiring photos of celebrity cellulite?

Anyway, I greatly appreciate your advice and encouragement and have told Babble that Famecrawler just ain't my bag. They have been absolutely wonderful about the whole thing and, in fact, I have the luxury of leaving Famecrawler because they have expanded Serge's role on Babble. More on that later. For now, a last gander at the stuff I wrote on Famecrawler this month. Thanks for reading, I absolutely couldn't have done it without you.

10 Happiest Couples In Hollywood and How They Make It Work - I would totally marry one of the guys on this list over Brad Pitt even! Go figure.

Best and Worst Moms from The Real Housewives Franchise - You know I love me some housewives and even got a retweet from my favorite gal from the A-T-L, Kim Zolciak. If you watch Real Housewives of Atlanta then you know that my sad housewife watching ass was thrilled.

Can I Be A Good Parent While Simultaneously Posting Photos of Celebrity Children? Turns out, no. But my awesome colleague Johanna wrote a response piece called Why I Write About Celebrity Kids (The Same Reason Why You Read It)

10 Celeb Moms Who Didn't Marry The Baby Daddy - All the single ladies... A few short decades ago a pregnant woman who decided not to marry the baby's dad would be scorned... Oh how times have changed.

Beyonce, Adele and The Hunger Games Inspire Hottest Baby Names of 2012 - Beyonce inspires a hot new name? Bitch, please. I was years ahead of you, my husband just wouldn't go for it.

Skip this fluff post and just read the comments.

More Trouble In Bethenny Frankel's Marriage - Warning, this post isn't about Bethenny Frankel's marriage at all. It's a trick!

How Brad Pitt (and his kids) Proposed to Angelina Jolie - Oh, Brad. I guess we really aren't going to meet, fall in love and get married one day.