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For Mama

The union that brought about my existence.

I haven't written about my mom in a while which certainly doesn't indicate how much I think about her. I think about her a lot. I have much guilt for moving her grandbabies so far away from her. I know she's upset that she doesn't get to see them grow up first-hand. So today, in honor of Mother's Day, here are a few posts about my mom. The good, the bad and the ugly. Love you Mama. Thanks for being my best pal.

Genesis: How my mom met my dad.

Sexual Stigmata: The story of my parents, continued.

Divorce Express: Life with the Butlers in the Eighties

Motorcycle Mama: Yes, my mom rode a motorcycle when I was growing up. She STILL rides it.

Growing Up Gangsta - This might be my favorite thing I've ever written about my family.

One Never Nose: The time my mom got a nose job and I went to the recovery room and held hands with the wrong bandaged up woman, thinking it was my mom. Yeah, really.

The Snow Shovel, The Firewood, The Mom and her Daughter: Unfortunately this really happened.

I Am Mean : A snapshot of living with mom just after marrying Serge, before moving to Brooklyn.

Barefoot In The Snow: One of the first stories about my childhood I wrote on this blog.