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Love Means ALWAYS Having To Say You're Sorry

In the wake of our separation throughout the end of March and most of April, making any videos for He Said/She Said felt awkward. Feels awkward, I mean. Or maybe that's the wrong word. But the prospect of talking some more about it all on video feels overwhelming to me right now and the idea of not talking about it and maybe focusing on some specific aspect of our relationship, like sleeping habits or the silly things that bother us felt disingenuous, somehow. That's not to say we're not doing it anymore. Just... Well, I can't speak for Serge but, like I said, I just haven't felt like making any videos. We're still writing over there, though.

Here's what's doing this week:

From Serge there is Big Daddy and the Life and Times of a Beating Heart:

People like to think that they know things, but mostly people don’t know anything at all. Or at least, they don’t know much worth knowing. Life is over in the time it takes a butterfly to piss down in an old toad’s eye, but we act like we have so many answers about how to master the art of living.

Do this, we say, do things like this.

Look at me!/Watch me dammit!, we cry out as our fingernails are scraping down the metal slide, our bodies/our souls just a few feet of summer’s day from slipping off the edge of that thing, down into something a super whole helluva lot different than the little renovated two-bedroom walk-up on a cloud where we kinda convinced ourselves we were going to spend eternity hanging out with the old gang when all of these goofball lights finally went out.

People like to squint through their eye-holes at you when you are pushing your stroller down through the mall, bud. Some people like to take a swift gander, size you up as if you were the silhouetted enemy sneaking out from the rice paddy mist with a machine gun cradled in your arm dip, and shoot you down with just a few words that they speak to themselves.

It’s called judgement and it’s what makes human beings so weak and exhausting and exhausted in the end.
My little contribution is called Love Means ALWAYS Having to Say You're Sorry - Since most of our photo albums were burned in the fire I spent a lot of time this past week going over old photos from my Flickr account and decided to throw together some of my favorites of me and Serge from throughout the years. Stuff you maybe haven't seen. Like this:

Bad reindeer! BAD!