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Cinco de Mayo

This is the last in a series of three posts sponsored by Sauza tequila. This is also your last chance to win a gift card for a stay at a quaint inn here in Central Pennsylvania.

So remember my boyfriend? The sexy firefighter who likes kittens AND tequila who was featured in that funny Sauza commercial where he waxes poetic about jeggings and antiquing and likes to sympathize with women about how hard it is to walk in heels? Well, the commercial apparently went crazy viral, scoring something like three million views on YouTube. I'm certain 2,999,899 of those views were you guys. And I can't say I'm surprised. Seriously, dude is so fine. If I had to make a man that is what he'd look like, beard included. I mean, of course he'd look like Serge. Yeah, that's what I meant. If I had to make a man he would look like Serge first but then the second guy I made, he would look like the firefighter.

Where was I? Oh yeah, sexy firefighter. So the commercial was such a hit that Sauza released a funny little clip of some firefighter/kitten outtakes that you can watch here. It definitely earned a chuckle from me. I guess it's true, you can't go wrong with a hot dude or an adorable kitten that has a penchant for wearing kicky berets.

I wanted to remind you that there is still a visit to a quaint little inn in the country to be won. The inn is quaint, trust me, The reason I'm not mentioning the name or posting a link here is because it is across the street from my house. My old house that burned that I'm moving back to, hopefully in June sometime. So I don't exactly want to give you a detailed map to my house or anything because some of y'all are cuh-raaazy and not the good kind of crazy where 3am after a night of debauchery finds you standing on the roof shouting "I can fly, you guys, I know I can... WATCH!" but the kind of crazy that makes me wonder if you've printed out pictures of me to tape to your bathroom walls so you can stare at me with hatred while you poop or brush your teeth. ANYWAY, if your comment is randomly picked you'll get a gift card for a night at the inn. You can use it on your own or you can save it for when I throw my housewarming party sometime in late July-ish and then you can come party with me! There will margaritas. And maybe blood. But only if we abandon margaritas for tequila shooters and you're the good kind of crazy previously mentioned.

All you gotta do is watch the outtakes video and leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite part and leave your email so I can contact you if you win. Sorry for all the clicking around. But that previous post is where everyone else has already left a comment so that's the way it's gotta be. If you've already commented then you're good to go. In the next couple days I'll randomly pick a winner so YEEHAW and all that.

Now, on to the tequila!

I ended up throwing a small Cinco de Mayo party with a few friends and family. We had regular margaritas and strawberry margaritas and Pop-Pop, who is known 'round these parts for his monogamous relationship with Miller Lite, had himself so many margaritas this happened. The strawberry margaritas were absolutely my favorite and I'm not throwing another summer party without them.

Drink cart ahoy! Technically, that's where our record player usually goes but it's actually a snazzy little cart on wheels that makes for an excellent margarita station.

Come in closer, you know you want to...

What kind of fool throws a Cinco de Mayo party without chips, salsa and guacamole? Not I, said the pig who ate most of the guacamole by the end of the night.

My very subtle nod to decor.

I told you it was subtle. But on to the festivities!

Below you'll find me preparing to get my drink on. Shortly after this photo was taken I mixed the first batch of margaritas and in typical form I forgot to put the blender lid on before pressing blend. Yeah, awesome.

This is my landlord (Remember how I told you I struck landlord jackpot? This is her!) Shawna. I'm going to have to stop calling her my landlord and just call her my friend. But yeah, I really dig Shawna.

She's cute, isn't she? Wait, let me see if I have a better photo. One that isn't covered in margarita mist. Oh, here we are!

And here's her husband Shawn (holding my Henry guy). Yes, I swear to God: Shawn and Shawna. If you can believe it we have next-door neighbors named Jesse and Jessie too.

Pop-Pop and Grammy also stopped by to swill some margs.

Serge, who is generally a red wine kind of guy, really dug the strawberry margarita as well.

Yeah, so I was saying - the guys really got... uh... into it.

Here's Violet, working the appetizer table like a pro. Mama done taught her good.

And here's Hank, eyeballing the next thing he can climb on top of or climb inside of or dump out on the floor or use to somehow get wet and/or dirty. He has a special knack for using everyday items in extraordinarily messy and dirty ways.

Here are a couple more shots of the festivities:

I think I posted most of them but you can see all the photos here.