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Fairytail of New York

Speaking of pets... Serge recently started writing for a new section of Babble called Babble Pets. A week or so ago he wrote this piece about Max that I didn't notice until today.

I got Max when I was 25-years-old and coming off a really bad break-up. The worst break-up of my life, really. We always had little mutt dogs like Spliffy and I had longed for a big, goofy dog and Max was just the ticket. Max has been with me through everything. Single girl partying, meeting and marrying Serge, moving to New York, moving back to Utah, adopting Milo, having two kids, and now moving to Pennsylvania. He is with me pretty much every second of every day and my heart constricts to the size of a marble if I contemplate life without my guy.

In Fairytail of New York: Pictures of a Big City Dog Serge really beautifully captured our time together in New York City. We walked everywhere and I always carried a camera. All over Brooklyn, across the Williamsburg Bridge into Manhattan. Max has splashed around in the Washington Square fountain in Greenwhich Village while ambitious drama students staged fake fights to eager crowds who thought they were for real. From chasing mule deer in the mountains of Utah to chillin' in bars with Brooklyn hipsters, dude is a well-traveled dog.