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If These Don't Put A Grin on Your Face Then Check Your Pulse

Here are my favorite posts from Serge's new gig over on Babble Pets.

Best Buds: I could look at these pictures all day. Who says cats and dogs don't like each other?

Eat The Wind: 25 Supercool Dogs in Cars: If this doesn't put a grin on your face then you should check your pulse.

Brothers From Another Mother: On Dogs Kids and Magic They've been there from the beginning.

The Soul Survivors: Stray Dogs of the Moscow Subway: Dogs riding the subway? Yep. One of the coolest things you'll read all week, I promise.

Fairytail of New York: Photos of my man, Max, chilling in our old Brooklyn 'hood.

Toddler To Puppy: This is how you poop! How can you NOT watch?