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I Wike Da Beastie Boys!

The news that Adam Yauch, better known as MCA of the Beastie Boys, died today really caught me off guard. I don't really need to get into why. If you grew up with these guys then you know why.

Tonight I was sitting here watching MTV attempt to remember MCA with a bunch of hastily thrown together clips of the guys performing over the years and it took me a good twenty minutes to notice that Violet was just as into the whole thing as I was. Actually, to be honest with you, she was entranced.

This is the very same child who showed lukewarm interest in seeing The Fresh Beat Band live. But maybe we were playing the wrong music all along? Maybe we should have just kicked the Fresh Beats to the curb and started schooling Violet in the best ways to fight for her right to party?

Her unprecedented exuberance for a musical performance - and it being the Beastie Boys - on the day of Yauch's death struck a chord with me. To see my kid suddenly come alive, hopping around the room shouting at me to "Check it out, Mom, I wike da Beastie Boys!" just makes me giggle. I am currently on what is, perhaps, my twentieth viewing of this (which Adam Yauch recently directed and if you haven't seen I fully recommend you watch immediately!)

There are a billion worse ways to spend a Friday night. In fact, dancing to the Beastie Boys is how I spent many Friday nights of my youth...

I can think of no better tribute to MCA and a body of work that spans more than three decades than this. If a 3-year-old digs your music, well, that's pretty much the toughest music critic right there, no? Channeling Travolta circa Saturday Night Fever at the end is my favorite part. It's like she choreographed that shit weeks ago. And is that some old skool break dancing at the halfway-ish mark? Damn, girl. MCA would be proud.