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One Week To Go

My reaction to reading a survey that reports moms don't want breakfast in bed for Mother's Day was of the NO DUH variety. Nearly 20,000 moms polled said, for the love of god, just let me sleep in this Mother's Day. Yes, the kids are adorable but getting jolted from sleep at 7am for some burnt toast and runny eggs is not anyone's idea of bliss.

When I shared this news with my husband he looked at me as if I am the biggest bitch in the world and, let's be honest, he looks at me with that expression a lot these days... And still, I am standing firm that breakfast in bed is more about the kids than mom and just whose day is Mother's Day anyway?

That said, here are ten things moms really want for Mother's Day. This list is mother-approved, I promise. While there is some debate over a few items featured here I again stand firm: this is what moms REALLY want for Mother's Day. What I'm saying is, get the woman in your life something from this list and you can be certain the smile she flashes your way upon receipt is not the fake smile you would have received when placing a so-so breakfast on her bed in the early a.m. as the kids body-slammed her into consciousness.

Are you listening, Serge? You have one week to go starting... NOW.