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The Life And Times of Hank The Tank

Serge has an ability to articulate the special sweetness about each of our children in ways that I think about but can't really express. A week or so ago he wrote about Henry, our boy, who is such a happy go-lucky child I wonder how he came from us. Violet is much more similar to both Serge and myself - appears to be a deep thinker, a bit more deliberate in her actions - but Henry, well, he's a wild man. A joyous maniac.
The day Henry was born he started smiling and he hasn’t really stopped since.

Oh sure, he has his moments, his little tirades of crying and flopping down on the kitchen floor and rolling around as if I’d just told him that the world had run out of milk and it was gonna be cranberry juice from here on out.

But that stuff usually only goes down when I take away something sharp he has managed to find himself, some new deadly toy weapon he thinks is cool.

Mostly, our son Henry is what you would call ‘happy-go-lucky’.

And that’s not a term I like to bandy about all that much either because to me it sort of conjures up an image of a slightly drunken Leprechaun whistling some Pogues tune aloud while he stops at the end of the village/not a care in the world, and has an afternoon pee at the base of a giant mushroom.

Actually come to think of it…that’s kind of eerily similar to some stuff that Henry actually does do
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