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Where Are All My Wordy Women At?

I'm behind at Babble this week. Not really behind, but struggling to keep up, I guess is the more accurate depiction of the state of affairs. So, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go pretty heavy on the Babble links this week. Only my favorite stuff though.

First up: The Hubs, Preggers, Totes, Adorbs and The Sluttiest Word In The English Language

DISCLAIMER: My desire is not to offend, but to reach a group consciousness wherein we ask ourselves WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE SAYING?

I am fearful of writing this post and offending some of my mommyblogger friends who are maybe preggers and sporting huge but adorbs baby bumps courtesy of The Hubs who is hoping for a DS but my awesomesauce friends are, like, wanting a DD, natch, but really will take whatever comes just so long as it comes with a babymoon or, even better, a push present.

At risk of offending these friends, I am going to plow forward.

Perhaps you can guess where this is going… Namely, what is up with the mom set talking like a bunch of tweens?

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