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Rematch: Liveblogging From Dysfunction Junction Take Two

Greetings from aboard a Manhattan bound bus, top floor, second to last window seat from the back.

Congratulations! You are reading my inaugural cell phone post after 7 years of blogging. I already feel car sick. I am headed to this Blogher thing that people of the internets like to go to every year. I have never had much interest in Blogher, quite frankly, because I am of the opinion that the more you talk about the machinations of blogging (or anything, for that matter) the less fun you make the thing. So there will be no speeches or panels or whatever you call them for me. I just wanna get it on with my true love, Manhattan and, oh yeah, schmooz with my Babble colleagues and you guys, if you're around and feel like dealing with someone who talks too loud and excessively/inappropriately compliments when she is nervous.

If you aren't in the NYC vicinity you can still follow the action over on He Said/She Said where both Serge and I will be documenting our experiences. So c'mon over and spend the weekend with me and Serge.

Hope you're into threesomes!